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Vinny Peculiar

UK based musician and poet Vinny Peculiar [aka Alan Wilkes] has been variously described as – ‘An under sung national treasure’ [UNCUT Magazine 2014] – a warm hearted Morrissey [Q Magazine 2014] and the missing link between Jarvis Cocker and Roger McGough [Irish Times 2014]. He’s released eleven albums of outsider pop music to great critical acclaim and a new album release ‘Down The Bright Stream’ on his own Shadrack & Duxbury Records comes out March 30th 2015. Vinny comes from the north Worcestershire village of Catshill and enjoyed a methodist upbringing. The music of the church was his first love but Glam Rock soon put an end to all that. After flunking formal education and spending an eternity on the dole he trained as a nurse working working in long stay hospitals and developing mental health services in the community. He ended a long standing relationship with the NHS some years ago in search of everything he’s still looking for. Much of Vinnys work is autobiographical, songs are remarkably candid, honest, witty and laugh aloud absurd and at the same time poignant and self effacing, you really need to hear them.


Peculiar has collaborated with Bill Drummond [KLF, SOUP ART] on a series of house concerts, he’s worked as an artist in residence [Belfast Cathedral Arts Festival], and his various bands have included ex members of The Smiths, OASIS, Aztec Camera & The Fall. Live shows herald comparisons to the likes of Eels, John Cooper Clarke and the more pastoral elements of The Kinks He’s a veteran of many European and US dates opening for British Sea Power, Edwyn Collins and Luke Haines amongst others and a former compere on the Glastonbury Acoustic Stage.

Vinny Peculiar songs make you laugh and cry and think all at the same time…TOM ROBINSON BBC 6Music

‘A well-measured introduction to an under sung national treasure’ UNCUT MAGAZINE

‘The missing link between Jarvis Cocker and poet Roger McGough and some of the wittiest lyrics this side of Wreckless Eric’ IRISH TIMES

This fifteen-track album from the Salford based singer songwriter is frankly, unmissable. A real joy. AMERICANA- UK

Crashing poppily through Vinnys world of nostalgia and insight every song stuffed to the gills with melody and eccentricity, clever, funny and wonderfully weird’ R2 MAGAZINE

‘If Tony Hancock had made pop records they’d have sounded like this’ UNCUT MAGAZINE

Rolling Stone Magazine said…

‘Vinny’s kitchen sink confessional style of writing is often described as quintessentially English – ‘homespun tunesmithery in the Robyn Hitchcock/Martin Newell vain –wry nostalgia, witty wordplay’

This Edinburgh festival 2010 review sums things up nicely…

‘With his flat cap, florid blouse and fidgety nervous energy pitched somewhere between Andy Warhol and Jarvis Cocker, there’s an anarchic elegance to Vinny Peculiar which is both at once both thrilling and faintly unsettling. Storming through a set of oblique, tortured punk poetry, he wins over an initially skeptical crowd with his animated delivery and taut, frenetic pop hooks. Channeling all that eccentricity and barbed wit into something strangely compelling Vinny Peculiar is the sort of unlikely, heroic pop star they just don’t seem to make anymore’. *****

‘If Tony Hancock had made pop records they would have sounded like this’ UNCUT MAGAZINE

‘Imagine a surreal episode of My Two Dads where said fathers are Jarvis Cocker and David Bowie, who bully their child into liking them and everything they like, like glam stomp, kitchen sink vignettes, mordantly witty lyrics, nostalgia, dreams and a sneer, and you‘re ready for Vinny Peculiar, Manchester’s premier forward thinking backward looking song smith’ W&H

Sounding like Vic Chessnut tooled up for an armed robbery’ Irish Times

‘A treasure trove of timeless pop brilliance’ The Big issue

‘Honest, witty, incomparably savvy about pop culture, Vinny’s songs make you smile and for the duration of three minutes plus, they manage to make the world a better place.’ City Life

‘Vinny Peculiar is all about the words. Looking (and singing a bit) like Elvis Costello in wig and baseball cap, it’s hard to work out what’s more entertaining – the story-cum-songs or the preceding self-deprecating monologues. Clutching his guitar, he gyrates and jack-knifes round the stage like a busker desperate for 20p to get into the tube station toilets. Endearing and irreverent’ MEN LIVE reviews

‘Vinny’s songs, a beautiful blend of Americana, indie-pop and busker-punk, create an almost George Formby-like world of oddity and human frailty, and the self-deprecating veracity of his lyrics never fails to hit the intended spot’ True Love MAGAZINE ***

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